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This is a collection of the most informative media I have studied. If you have limited time, read or listen to those in RED.

Update 12/23/23: I have not updated this in a long time. There is just so much going on politically. I file it as I can, but I can’t keep up with it here. I strongly suggest everyone sign up for Heather Cox Richardson‘s daily newsletter; see note at right (or below on mobile). With 90% of the news being owned by six corporations, we need independent journalism to provide the real facts, and they need our support.

General including Wealth Inequality

The 9.9 Percent Is the New American Aristocracy by Matthew Stewart: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2018/06/the-birth-of-a-new-american-aristocracy/559130/ Found this article when re-reading the McKinsey link below.

I’ve noted in many of my writings that: 1) The trickle down concept doesn’t work. People must have money to buy things–demand. The rich don’t create jobs just because they can–they reinvest the money they didn’t need from tax breaks. 2) Wealth inequality is the biggest element in common for middle class and poorer Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. If government would work in a bipartisan way to fix this problem first and allow everyone a more comfortable life, we might not argue so much over special interests. See Warren’s wealth inequality plan below.

Why Obama Fears for Our Democracy by Jeffrey Goldberg, editor-in-chief of The Atlantic: https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/11/why-obama-fears-for-our-democracy/617087/

Chris Hedges audio interview 11-19-18 (long, depressing, but quite interesting and diagnostic): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCDd3VoAFUs
My comments: Harm done in the Clinton administration, 4 minutes in. From 26:00 Andersen, Indiana, Clinton passes NAFTA, 25000 workers with good union jobs gone, city in freefall, churches for sale, lost supermarkets, UAW stated huge support for Sanders, through 29:00. 35:00 comments on Evangelicals, 36:10 Christian heretics, all about hate, 36:30 biblically illiterate, selectively use passages to justify an ideology, intolerant of biblically knowledgeable. 42:30 corporate exploitation, mass incarceration is social control.

Maddow: With The Rule Of Law Failing Under Trump, Just Diagnosing The Problem Isn’t Enough | MSNBC commentary on Justice Department being co-opted for Trump’s purposes, 2/13/20, powerful! References Masha Gessen, Timothy Snyder “On Tyranny.”

Wealth held by the Forbes 400 more than doubled over the last decade. (Business Insider, Nov. ’19)

I have concerns about Mayor Pete’s training (“programming”) while working at McKinsey. Does he truly understand middle class needs and have the inclination to fight like the progressives? Can he reverse the damage done to the middle class?

The Guardian 2/26/17 — Robert Mercer: the big data billionaire waging war on mainstream media

If you have time to read one article a day, read this. This writer captures the important news of the day: https://heathercoxrichardson.substack.com/
Some general history: Ironically “the Democrats formed to support Andrew Jackson for the presidency in 1828, organizing out of fear that the federal government had been captured by wealthy businessmen and bankers.” In less than three decades, they were wealthy and corrupt and the Republican party formed. In the 1950s the Republicans began taking over the government again for the wealthy whites after feeling the New Deal went too far. https://heathercoxrichardson.substack.com/p/february-15-2020

Biden and the 2021 Administration

Horrible pick for USDA:
We will not improve health care costs until we improve our agricultural methods, and that’s only the financial aspect. We need to stop killing our people.

Worth the Price?” New documentary, Biden instrumental in solidifying Iraq war as reported and partially shown on DemocracyNow! 2/18/20

White Supremacy and Insurrection


https://www.democracynow.org/2021/1/11/big_tech_response_capitol_insurrection includes commentary by Chris Hedges.


Corporate Socialism vs. Democratic Socialism, really good video, couldn’t find it outside of Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=785677015262927

The Berniephobes Are Wrong: Wall Street fears the rise of the Vermont senator. The rest of America has less to worry about. (Atlantic, 2/14/20)

“Two most important politicians prodding for a break with the economics of the Clinton-Obama era:” The Differences Between Warren and Sanders Matter. (Atlantic, 2/3/20)

Medicare-for-all study Bernie Sanders keeps bringing up – The Washington Post, 2/20/20 — I have not read, do not have subscription

Another verision, GOOD: https://www.democracynow.org/2020/2/19/lancet_report_medicare_for_all
“People would have more choice, no distinction between out-of-network and in-network barriers.” “If we strip away the savings identified in Medicare for All and expanded healthcare through the Medicare for All Who Want It plan, we’d still have all these private entities, and we’d be continuing the inefficiencies that makes our healthcare system so expensive, … Medicare for All Who Want It … sounds good, but [is] a very expensive way to achieve it, rather than the single-payer plan that’s being proposed in the Medicare for All Act.”

“…Lloyd Blankfein saying, ‘Oh, I might have to vote for Trump, if Sanders is nominated.’ … Sanders might raise your taxes. That is not an important consideration. American democracy is on the line. … There are a lot of influential people out there who are horrified by the prospect of a strongly progressive candidate.” https://www.democracynow.org/2020/2/24/paul_krugman_richard_wolff_socialism_debate


Note to staff, accomplishments of the campaign, lasting impacts: https://medium.com/@teamwarren/the-fight-goes-on-8f5ca2b4b557

The case for Elizabeth Warren, by Ezra Klein, VOX, 1/15/20, updated 3/5/20.

The Story Elizabeth Warren Isn’t Telling: The progressive senator doesn’t talk about her Republican past. Should she? (Atlantic, 1/10/20)

The French Economist Who Helped Invent Elizabeth Warren’s Wealth Tax and why it will work in the US with her criteria. (The New Yorker 10/19/19)

Warren “has a track record of finding that nexus between visionary structural change and also the tools to operationalize it.”

This would be better titled “Warren background and capabilities:”

Defending regulated capitalism:

The Republican Case for Elizabeth Warren, opinion Jan. 30, 2020

Of all places, Tucker Carlson speaks positively about Elizabeth Warren, starts at 30 seconds in.


How Billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Deep Pockets Have Let Him Win Friends and Buy Influence as reported in DemocracyNow! 2/17/20

SHAUN KING: Voting for Mike Bloomberg is the line I just can’t cross, 2/13/20

‘The hubris is unbelievable’: Dems seethe over Bloomberg GOP donations: Good luck explaining the Scott Brown endorsement against Elizabeth Warren. (Politico, 11/26/19) Some quotes: “I’m certain his hand in giving Mitch McConnell a majority in the Senate will be remembered by a lot of Democratic voters.” …”no appetite for the billionaire’s candidacy among Pennsylvania Democrats: ‘Absolutely none that I’ve encountered.'” “For years, he helped the New York state GOP hold on to their Republican majority.” “‘The only thing that’s been consistent about his party affiliation is that it has always been about benefiting Michael Bloomberg.'” My comments: 1) he will never win PA, a critical state; 2) comments on causes of 2008 housing crash don’t match reality; 3) stop and frisk existed and escalated much longer than he would admit.

News Blogs Worth Reading or Following

People speaking for democracy and equity

Heather Cox Richardson: I read this every day and subscribe for $50/year (which is the price for most Substack blogs). She does a superb job of highlighting the most important news of the day while also weaving in historical context and teachings, noting when history repeats itself. If you want a comprehensive understanding of why she started “Letters from an American,” read it from the start.

Joyce White Vance: I’ve been reading but it is currently very heavy and detailed with the former guy’s trials.

Robert Reich: Great writings, and educational due to prior government experience as Labor Sec’y.

Thom Hartmann

Judd Legum’s Popular Information

George A. Polisner’s Leadership Matters: I read a few well-argued posts recently after finding him in the HCR comments. For example, It’s (still) the Economy, stupid

Chris Hedges: I’ve read and listened to many times, some noted at left; now he has a blog. A couple interesting posts: Fascism Comes to American and Why Our Popular Mass Movements Fail.

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