Autopsy: The Democratic Party in Crisis

A good, long read (I’m only on page 8), Autopsy: The Democratic Party in Crisis. It frustrates me to hear well-meaning politicians (Warren, Sanders, Franken) talk about everything that’s wrong, not fair, scolding people in committee hearings instead of holding them accountable and focusing on reparations. How many that got booted from their home in the mortgage crisis got it back? Elections should be put on hold when Florida has chads, hundred thousands are booted from Brooklyn registrations, and foreign tampering is discovered. Monies keep pouring into Trump hotels and no-one is doing anything about the emoluments clause. Why are politicians not fighting more for the jobs that these supposed tax cuts are supposed to create? (Because tax cuts don’t create jobs; demand creates jobs. Demand can’t be created if people don’t have money to buy stuff.) Why do we allow the American taxpayer to keep providing welfare to Walmart employees when the owners are rich beyond belief?